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Sultana from MTR Crossrail …

MTR Crossrail testimonial for London Face Painters

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Sultana… “We received amazing feedback… You exceeded our expectations, we were absolutely happy with the photos…  It was perfect, we give you 10/10, and we will definitely look to work with you again”.

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Heartwarming Testimonial from Helen



testimonials-01 testimonials-02 Fantastic, thank you

Ashley Loxley reviewed Londonfacepainters Creating 'Visibility' for your Brand

Today we visited ikea in Milton Keynes and stumbled across the lovely lady who did a wonderful job of painting my daughters face!! Thank you, she is a bit shy at times but does love being focused on and now she is her favourite a ‘Beautiful Butterfly’. Thank you!!!

testimonials-01 It's a great place for the kids to have some "Kids time" before we walk around IKEA doing adult jobs! The Staff are great with kids and keep them entertained! Keep up the good work! We will be back! X

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A few words that meant so much from a very happy Hamleys VIP client.


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