Corporate Clients FAQ

1How do we attract more customers through the door?
Events like design days, and d.i.y. demonstrations, cookery demonstrations, sparks interest and teaches the customers to use your products. London Face Painters have 15 years of experience supporting events, creating interaction, inspiring creativity and personalising your products, running competitions, combining corporate logos and strap lines into the entertainment.
2Customers with children; What can we provide to be family friendly?
Making your cafe and rest areas ‘mother and toddler’ friendly builds rapport and loyalty. Children have short attention spans, so use bright colours and soft tactile surfaces in these areas. London Face Painters have 15 years of experience providing arts and crafts activities for children; younger children love stickers, numbers and letters. Older children enjoy making gifts for grandparents, and also like painting plates and cups. We support their creativity by providing stencils of their super heros and fantasy characters.
3Customers with friends on a day out – what can we do to help them relax and excite their creativity?
Making your store a place where people can linger and enjoy social interaction, through showroom and customer facility design keeps customers relaxed and happy. London Face Painters can provide arts and crafts that interest parents and grandparents, painted vases using glass and ceramic paint, cushion covers with fabric paint. Friends love to talk about trends, and compare their designs with each others, and with celebrity styles.
4How can we improve brand awareness and acceptance?
One brand, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, has such a high level of acceptance that their most loyal customers are willing to have the logo tattooed on their skin. London Face Painters can incorporate your branding into face painting designs, associating your brand strongly with a special feeling of relaxation and enjoyment, and creating implicit endorsement.