Testimonial from MTR Crossrail

Sultana from MTR Crossrail …

MTR Crossrail testimonial for London Face Painters

Raising brand awareness with MTR Crossrail

“We received amazing feedback …We will most definitely look to work with you again … my responses in red below.”

1.Did our facepainters live up to the testimonials provided by X Factor, Virgin, EY etc- Exceeded our expectations
2. Did we create quick and efficient visibility for your Brand  with our stencils and Facepainting? yes
3. As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’: were you happy with the Facepainting  photos we provided? Absolutely
4. Were you aware that the parents were so happy with the face painting that they were taking photos of their children’s Facepainted faces for their own Facebook, and these photos have your Branding on them? Yes
5. Please advise us as to how we can serve you  better in the foreseeable future? n/a was perfect
6. Did our Facepainter arrive on time? yes
7. Did our Facepainter interact well with your clients, customers,staff, parents and children? Did we help you ‘create a better customer relationship ‘ yes
8. Based on your experience of our service, on a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate our Facepainters and Facepainting services? 10
9. Do you agree that with Branding and Marketing you are never forgotten? yes

Video testimonials from happy clients

Heartwarming Testimonial from Helen